Our Owners

Liam Gargiulo



Liam is a DJ and MC thats great with any age group and music selection. Liam has gone to school for Lighting and Sound production to better serve our customers.

He is also one of our event coordinators, call now for help with booking and planning your event!

Jerry Dupre'

Jerry Smiles

Jerry Smiles

Jerry Smiles has over 30 years experience DJing. He is an experienced Wedding MC. He has a long history in this business and a strong reputation. He can play to any crowd with any music from Doo Wop to Hip Hop.

Jeff Vitale


DJ Jeffrey J

Jeff has 20 years experience as a DJ. His music sets liven up any occasion. He can play to any crowd with his experience in many genres of music.

Our Team

Madison D.


Madison is an energetic photographer and Photo Roamer/Booth Attendant. Along with a DJ that is great with all of todays hits!

Erica V.


Erica is a Photographer and Dancer. She has a great eye for truly catching the moment. She is great with motivating any crowd to get up on there feet.

Xavier A.


Xavier is a young MC and Dancer, that has a lot of energy. He knows how to get people up out of there seats and can move to the music. Xavier also is great at the Photo Booth!

Connor N.


DJ Nagle

Connor is an amazing lighting tech! With his background in pro lighting, he helps bring our lighting to the next level.

Dan C


Dan is a great Photo Roamer Attendant, Lighting Tech as well as up and coming DJ!

Terri A.


Terri is an amazing photographer, she knows how to capture the moment. Terri is also a fun and energetic Photo Booth Attendant!

Mitchell M.


Mitchell is a great DJ and an amazing Dancer that can move to any music. Mitchell is also one of our amazing Photo Booth Attendants.

Joe B.


Joe is a photographer for us. Joe is very energetic and engaging. He is great at bringing people together in his work.

Tahj A.


Fun energetic party motivator and snap photographer!

Jerilyn T.


Jerilyn is one of our amazing Photo Roamer Attendants!

Dante B.


Dan'te is full of energy and a perfect addition to your party.

Jenn V.


Jenn is a great photo roamer attendant as well as one of our amazing party motivators!

Aidan M.


A high energy Photo Booth and Photo Roamer Attendant!



AJ is a fantastic Photo Roamer Attendant as well as a great technician at EVE.

Sal C.


One of our Lighting and Sound technicians that elevate our events to true productions.